The Real Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin


Thousands of, people are praying to get faith, when faith comes only by hearing the Word of God,” Kenneth E. Hagin writes in his book The Real Faith.

Rev. Hagin points out that because we live in the natural realm, we tend to rely on our senses rather than on the truths of Gods Word He adds that real faith is an Abraham-type of faith, based not on physical evidence but on the Word of God.

“There has been criticism of the mass healing meetings because in many cases the healings do not last,” Rev. Hagin notes. “This is true because where a mass faith is present, people can be temporarily helped. But to maintain their healing and these people should continue to feed upon Gods Word in this area of faith.

Chapters titles include:

  • Two Kinds of Truth
  • Two Kinds of Faith
  • Two Kinds of Unbelief
  • Enemies of Faith


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The Real Faith by Kenneth E. Hagin


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