Reply To: Supplications, Prayers & Intercession – Week 1 – Forum – November 19, 2015


Donna Riley

It means I am not alone. It means that I am a visible being with an invisible means of support. My prayer time with God makes me feel special and privileged. The fact that I can communicate with the author of the universe is awesome, mind boggling and thought provoking. I get to experience things I cannot explain. I get to learn how to deal with situations and people by the instructions I am given and the way I am treated by God. I get to spend time and learn about the most important person to me. Simple things are no longer classified as irrelevant. The God I serve is not a surface person, but deep with so many layers. This can be exhilarating and it can also be frustrating. Wisdom can be a wow factor and it can also be depressing. When I need to speak to my Father there is no time factor, it is always now, so there is never a need for an appointment. I am always welcome. God may not always be happy with the things I have done or thought, but He is always happy with my desire to seek Him and the fact that I came to Him for answers. It is nice and comforting to know I have someone who I can tell my secrets to and who won’t tell anyone else nor condemn me. It is also comforting to know when I mess up that God will correct me firmly, but I can tell that it is done in love. He truly wants me to be successful. In my prayer life, God shows me the purpose to which I am called. I love it when we go into the spirit realm where it is just me and God. He doesn’t talk to me verbally. He first envelopes me in warmth, then the words in the Bible would lift off the pages and hover in the air and I would read what He is saying to me. He has many styles of communicating whether it is the word, people, nature, the stars, that still small voice etc. My prayer life is a place to gain knowledge, comfort, refuge, rest, recuperation, find joy, to be in his presence and experience everything needed to make me complete.

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